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I am...

... Savonian: I am originally from Southern Savonia (or South Savo) from a municipality that didn't have a name. It used the name of its nearest town Mikkeli with addendum "maalaiskunta" (rural municipality) that told what was it about. I was born in August, 1974.

... Helsinkian: I moved to Helsinki at autumn, 1995, for my studies. I have made it a home since. For shorter times I have also lived on the islands of Dominica (1999) and Tenerife (2020–2021).

... geographer: I graduated as Master of Science in 2001. I studied cultural geography and specialised in urban geography. Since I have been doing research and drawing maps, among other activities.

... Lutheran: I am a member of the Finnish Lutheran Church, I go sometimes to the Sunday mass, and I believe in God.

... left-handed: If I need to throw a ball, with my right hand I can probably throw it further. But if I have to hit something with it, better to use the left one.

... divorced: I was married from 2007 to 2017 but unfortunatelty it didn't last. I don't have children nor do I want any. But I have two godsons.

... centre-right: I am a member of Kokoomus political party which combines liberalism and conservatism, and so do I.

I like dogs even if I don't have one myself.

If you are interested in my political and NGO activities there is a list on the Finnish version of this page. Here, instead, I list some of my publications:

Lipsanen, N 2016, Immigrants and green space in the Helsinki region. In P Clark, M Niemi & C Nolin (eds), Green Landscapes in the European City, 1750–2010. Taylor and Francis (Routledge), Abingdon, pp. 160–174.

Lipsanen, N 2009, Changing places of sport in the lights of photographs: Helsinki 1976 & 2006. In P Clark, M Niemi & J Niemelä (eds), Sport, Recreation and Green Space in the European City. Studia Fennica Historica 16, pp. 184–195.

Lipsanen, N 2006, The seasonality of green space: The case of Uutela, Helsinki, c. 2000. In P Clark (ed), The European City and Green Space. London, Stockholm, Helsinki and Saint Petersburg, 1850–2000. Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 229–246.

See also my Master's Thesis:

Lipsanen, N 2001, Naturalistic and existential realms of place in Roseau, Dominica. University of Helsinki, Department of Geography. Available at or at this website.

Most of the maps of this book are drawn by me:

Clark, P 2013 (ed), The Oxford handbook of cities in world history. Oxford University Press.

Photo: Selfie, Eiranranta (Helsinki) 2016

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