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Niko 2021

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Welcome to the website of geographer Niko Lipsanen!

I have gathered here quite some amount of content since 2002 when the site was opened, for instance travel photos. Sometimes I add some new stuff, too.

See the site map for all public content of the website.

Name of the site Domnik is the name of my favourite island of Dominica in Dominican Creole but in the context of this website it can also be considered as a portmanteau of the word "domain" and of my first name.

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E-mail Telegram: @lipsanen

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Instagram: @nlipsane Twitter in English: @domniknet Twitter in Finnish: @nlipsane Mastodon: Facebook: @lipsanen

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I am a member of several hospitality exchange networks. If you are too, click a logo to see my profile page.

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Photo: Selfie, Puerto de la Cruz (April, 2021).