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Dog, Roseau (Dominica) is the website of Niko Lipsanen. Its main content are photographs and blog posts. I have taken most of the photos myself, as well as written most of the blog post. If some content is by someone else it is mentioned there.

The site was opened on July 19th, 2002.

The word Domnik in the name of the site is the name of the island of Dominica in French-based Creole spoken in Dominica. It can also be understood as a portmanteau of word "domain" and my first name "Niko".

The site uses Google Analytics for visitor statistics and analysis. Some of the pages also have advertisements through Google AdSense, or TradeDoubler.

Content of the site is divided in several subdomains:

Major updates and changes to the website are listed at the Updates page. There is also a page for visitor statistics but it is not updated since 2015 and will not be updated in the future either. The website itself keeps still getting updated whenever I have suitable time to do it.

Photo: A dog in Dominica's Botanic Gardens (Roseau), 2007.

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